Open with force

I would like to be able to “force” the door open.

For quite some time my smart lock became a bit unreliable, so far that, while it seems to work I still carry my Keyes with me everytime. While sometimes it clearly is a fault of the battery it is not the other times, when the battery is nearly full.

I notice that everytime when the lock got stuck it pushes, but then “decided“ to let loose.
Therefore it would be nice to have an option to ignore this behavior.
Eighter through a direct socket, or via some logic like: “i got stuck 3 times in a row, the next time I push harder”

This would at least make it able to enter the flat, if there is something wrong.

The Smart Lock does not have different strength levels. It always tries with the same force, which is only limited by the maximum current the batteries can supply and the maximum force of the Smart Locks drive train (~1,3Nm).

If you use Alkali batteries you could try to move to the Nuki Power Pack or Eneloop accumulators. This batteries can provider more current under load and might better suite your usecase.