Open with a relay contact

Hi. Im would like to intégrate with a external system and i think that the most easy way is use a relay contact.

There are some nuki device as a remote control but that send the order to open closing a contact instead of pushing a button?

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No. But if you understand electronics a bit, you can easily modify a Nuki Keyfob and connect it to a relay.

Hi, would it work from the basement to the front door (about 2m distance/concrete ceiling)? I would like to connect it to the Doorline Switchbox to be able to open the door while talking to the door intercom. Could you offer more information about the Keyfob modification.

Hi, got the fob (V9) and it works through the ceiling. Where is the best place to connect two wires to bypass the button? Everything is really small.

Hi, the button has 4 legs. Which ones have to be connected to the wires?
Alternatively, is it possible to push the button permanantly and switch the battery on/off?

Hi Erik!
Please use the pins marked in the picture to shortcut the button by relay. Continuous pressing of the button and switching the power supply on and off does not produce the desired effect.


Hi Georg, thanks for checking and answering

I had to refresh my soldering skills, but then it worked. I can now open the nuki at the front door with the FritzFon via the Open button during the conversation with the door intercom system. Thanks again.

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I also want to have a solution where I can activate my Nuki via a pulse/relay output of an existing fingerprint solution. Unfortunately Nuki does not have a solution that can be used and as such using a Fob to do the job seems to be the best solution. I still hope that Nuki will create a solution themselves which does not need to alter a Fob for which you need soldering skills which I for sure not have. A few questions: 1. If I use this modification will the button still work so that I can integrate the fob into the Nuki where I want to use it for and 2. is there also an easy way to give it permanent power or is this not necessary as the battery will operate for a very long time? I have not yet used my Nuki nor my Fob’s that came with it as I still am looking for an integration solution with my existing fingerprint system.

Hi Ronald,
the relay contact (two wires) are soldered to the existiting button. If you reassemle the fob then the button still works. But my fob now has two wires coming out of the side to connect to the relay. I am not sure, how you could still be using this fob.
The battery should last for 60.000 operations so I did not think about a permanent power.