Open Source Bridge Code


the MAC from my Bridge looks like a Espressif Chip, maybe its a ESP-32?

Have you ever thought about publishing the firmware as an open source? There are certainly some who would then make a fork and make improvements - of which you could provoke as well.
If someone wants to flash other firmware, he loses his guarantee - so own risk. But the community could create their own stuff.


I strongly agree with this.

An even better idea would IMHO be, if the bridge code would be modifiable so it can run on a Raspberry Pi for instance, so everybody can build their bridge on possibly existing equipment at home (like many Raspberries are operated of Home Automation).

Given my current experiences, I would actually assume that with making it open source the customer satisfaction would highly rise and a lot of frustration could be avoided.

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Is there any idea of this to be realized?

No. Currently there a no plans in that direction.