Open source app for opening a door


as I use a pure open source android version without play store or other google services as main device, I am unable to install the official nuki app on this device.

It must be able to lock and unlock door knobs. In my case it must work with doors i am not owning, but was invited to.

So I was wondering if (a) there is an open source app, or (b) an implementation of an open source app would be possible given the available apis.

Thanks and kind regards

This might help: GitHub - mwarning/trigger: Android app to lock/unlock/ring doors. Supports generic HTTPS/SSH/Bluetooth/MQTT and Nuki Smartlock.


thanks for the link. It seems it does not work with invitationsm, but only via pairing. Would it be possible to implement a way, door (un)locking could be enabled based on invitations.
I think it could be the case, that a pairing is triggered via the invitation code, but I can not find documentation.

thanks and kind regards

No. The APIs for the invitation mechanism are not public.