Open Opener on locked iPhone?

Good morning,

is it possible to open a nuki Opener on a locked iPhone? For example through a widget.
I know that it is important and makes sense to let open a nuki lock only when iPhone is unlocked. But nuki Opener should be able to opened also by a locked iPhone. Is this possible?


there already is a Nuki-Widget, where you can find buttons for your Nuki-Opener (Expanded Widget) :slight_smile:

Thank, I currently don’t have the Opener.
Can you unlock the nuki Opener through the widget when the phone is still locked and no passcode is entered?

Hi, Considering cybersecurity, I guess not :face_with_monocle:, but I would be very interested to know more about that. Also, I wonder, if this problem could find a solution with ?..

@Juergen I think the last answer here is spam, right?
Maybe btw you can answer my question?

To tell the truth, this only opens the app with the command issued. At least on iOS.

Yes this command opens the app, right. So you must unlock your phone to process the command

Oh, that is bad. I am used to nello and there you can unlock directly through the widget on a locked phone. That is really comfortable and also no security issue for the house entry door of a house where a lot of parties live.

Hi Jürgen, Happy 2020! I just unlocked notifications here. To answer your question, my comment is not a Spam. I thougt it useful to link to a new IoT-by-Light tech, we are developing for 2021 within a collaborative workgroup. LiFiLooK uses LiFi / VLC tech instead of Bluetooth standard. Thanks to a dynamic optical key without radiowaves this enables secured communication between the key and the doorlock even if you don’t want to use your Smartphone. So it’s working somewhat like a remote control at light speed. Feel free to let me know what u think.