Open Nuki with a relay close contact

Product name : On Fob, Bridge, Smart-Lock, or an all


Add two electrical contacts, via two screw terminals, normally covered by some plastic, to Fob, Bridge, Smart-Lock, or to all. If you shortcut these two contacts with a relay, the Smart-Lock should open.


This is much more easy than to dis-assemble a Fob and find some wires to do the job.


There are many door-systems out, which provide a relay contact for a door-opener. It would be perfect, if the Nuki world could make use of these relays. By any means.


Connect to door intercom systems

Alternatively, a new device like the Fob could be developed here, which has a digital input.
I have currently also disassembled the Fob to connect Nuki with my fingerprint which is built into the door frame