Open faster or manual set of rssi threshold

Hi everyone,

I’ve experienced that some doors are damping the bluetooth signal more than others. This is the case for our door and also one of my friends has this issue.

We used to check this by using the hidden rssi function (iOS app) that has been available in the app some versions before. By setting manually a low rssi threshold, it worked great and the door was opened automatically right on time.

The newest versions of the app don’t offer this hidden option any longer and officially only the opportunity to delay the automatic door open action. So it happens that it takes quite long till the door is opened.

Wouldn’t it be possible to offer a similar option like the delay function but the other way round (open faster) or to make the hidden rssi option available again? Or even better to integrate a calibration function which can be done by the user ?

Best regards

When you turn off the delay by setting it to “No delay” it will use the maximum speed & distance. i.e. the lowest RSSI possible.