Open Door with the fob is not possible at all

I have installed my first nuki yesterday. With the app, I can do everything I want from my smartphone. But with the fob, I can only lock and unlock, but not at all open the door. In the app menu, it is not even considered an option for the fob to open the door

I have updated both the fob and the lock to the latest Sw versions, 2.4.5 on the lock and 1.5.0 on the fob. I have also removed and added the fob several times without any change of behavior. Can anyone confirm this behavior? Any suggestion?



The behavior of Unlock/Aufsperren is with a Fob is directly matched to the Lever / Knob or Bar setting, assuming that you won’t just unlock the door with a fob but always want the version of “open” fitting to your door setup.

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Ok, thanks a lot. The hint with Lever setting solved it.

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Hi, I dont have a lever at the outside of the door.
Is there a way to open the door with the FOB without the lever?


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Great! It works to me too!

mine either. this option was available with smartlock 2.0 and not present at all on smartlock 3.0.
the fobs are useless in this way.

As described, the Fob follows the setting you have configured for the smart lock. If you tell the lock that you have a Lever, unlocking with the Fob will act accordingly (unlock the door but not open it, as you can just use the lever to open the door). If you configure the lock to “Knob or Bar”, the Fob will open the door for you as an unlock would not be enough to let you in.

If you don’t have a lever outside, don’t configure the lock’s “door fitting” setting with “Lever” and select “Knob or Bar” instead.