Open door via Nuki Web?


how can I really open the door via Nuki Web?
I see only the options lock, unlock and lock’n’go, but I wanna “open”. How to allow that in Nuki Web?

The buttons are shown based on the door handle settings. So “open” is only available for the “knob/bar” setting.

It is not possible for me to use “knob/bar” because then one click in HomeKit on the lock icon will open the door completely and that’s absolutely NOT what I want. Or do you already have a solution for that?

It’s strange anyway. Why do I have in that constellation in the nuki app the possibilty to really open the door or just unlock and why don’t I have the same options in Nuki Web??

What´s the problem? If you don´t have a knob/bar the person only have to press down the door handle to get in after you unlocked the door. Why do you need a real open for this door?

The problem is, that I do have a knob! But I can’t select this in the options, cause them nuki will always completely open the door via HomeKit, although I only want to unlock it.