Open Door turns key to far - lock cracks

Hi there,

I have a Smart Lock 2.0 in white. We have a bar door and locking etc works perfectly but when I hit open door, whilst it pulls back the latch and opens perfectly, the Nuki goes a little to far and the whole mechanism makes a huge crack. How do I reduce the turn it does to “Open door”?

You can’t really hear it but if you look carefully the whole lock moves and there is an audible crack. Tonight the motor even jammed, the light went red and said low battery but the battery is at 48%. I have tried calibrating but it did not work.


You can’t. Open door always goes against a certain resistance.

The problem with reporting low batteries could improve when using Accumulators (or the Nuki PowerPack) instead of Alkaline batteries. The sound on the video is pretty normal and what is about to be expected.

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