Open door in mobile notification/Nuki app for bus systems that need activation

Product name



Intercoms, using a bus system usually need activation by ringing the bell. For that reason, only “ring to open” can be configured. As ringing the bell (without having ring to open active) also activates the intercom and furthermore also a notification about this is popping up, it would be useful to allow opening on action within notification/in the app after this event.


  • Add an according “open” action within the notifications on iOS/Android the same way as it is already provided for intercoms that do not need activation before opening
  • Add possibility to manually open the door within the Nuki app, in case an activation was triggered by ringing the bell and ring to open was not activated before
  • It should be configurable, how long the intercom stays active (to receive the open command), so the appropriate actions can be shown correctly in the app and correct errormessages could be logged when e.g. hitting the “open” action in a notification after the intercom got inactive again
  • Add possibility to receive the ringing event by MQTT/webhook, so home automation systems could grab it and trigger an action upon the event (e.g. toggle a light to see that it rang, trigger additional ringing sound in all rooms, …)


There are situations in which one is not close to the intercom, when bell is ringing or is out of range to hear it. In such a case it would be convenient to be able, triggering the door buzzer also from the smartphone.


  • Delivery guy is ringing and as usual, is not waiting long enough to get the door opened and leaves before you reach the intercom.
  • One is expecting friends coming over, but is still busy in doing some preparation before the visit, so opening by smartphone, without the need to move over to the intercom safes some time to get everything ready
  • Some expected visitor is ringing (e.g. wife/husband as forgotten her/his key), but one is currently chilling on the terrace/balcony/in the garden and does not hear the bell ringing and does not need to move over to the door
  • Could be also an optional alternative for ring 2 open for yourself - you’d still need to ring the bell, but you can just let yourself in by hitting the action in the notification

For myself, I’d have for sure more scenarios, in which it would be useful. Curious, what you guys think about such a feature and whether there would be a chance to get it integrated.