Open door Android wear os

I have a nuki smart lock for a while, im overall pleased.
I was using it with a iphone and apple watch, what i liked that i could use “the open door” on my apple watch button and it opened the door.
Now i switched to android and have a android wear watch but is doesn’t have this option.
Only lock / unlock / lock&go… Am i missing something?


Edit I have three locks, an old Smart look 2.0 and the other 3.0 and 3.0 pro in the old one if it gives me the option from the wear os clock to open the door in the two new locks, it won’t let me.

The configuration options are exactly the same. Let’s see if you can give me a hand. :slight_smile:

Hi! Do you mean that you can control just one lock, and the others you don’t see!? Because if so, I also had this issue a long time until I stumbled over the solution! - When you open the nuki app on your smartwatch and it shows you one lock, you just have to swipe up to get to the others, and swipe down for get back!

no, the three locks are visible on the clock, but when the options for each of them were displayed, only the oldest one gives me the option to lock, unlock, lock and go, and open the door, but in the other two locks that are new, 3.0 and 3.0 pro is not the option to open the door, only unlock, lock, and lock and go. I’ve looked everywhere and it doesn’t come out

Ah ok. What is the difference between unlock and open the door? If you mean the latch, then look what configuration for this is saved in the app, because this can be controlled separately, if I remember correctly!

“Open door” on the watch is available when the door fitting is set to “Knob or bar”. I forwarded your request.

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Let’s see if it is possible to enable that option for the latch option

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Yeah, the same I mentioned a day before…