Open door action smart additional popup for approval

Product name

Nuki smartlock


My door always swings open for 2 cm when open door action is performed in the app.
When standing right before the door I don’t need the additional safety popup since I can see its closed or open.
The popup however is very useful when the lock is operated remotely since I don’t want to go to my house to close my front door due to pressing the wrong button in my app.


When the de open command is send from a device with a strong Bluetooth signal the popup can be omitted.


Makes opening my front door even more intuitive and quicker when I need to open the door stading right before it.


My front door has a knob on the outside, so I can’t use a handle to open the door when its unlocked.
When I need to go indoors again when sitting on the terrace to fetch something I can enter faster without the then obsolete popup.

When I need to re-enter again after putting garbage outside.

Door closed accidently on me while standing outside due to draught pressure from another door in the house.

This already exists and you can change it in the Apps settings:

Thanks for the quick response I totally overlooked this setting.
Changed the setting and working perfectly!

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