Open and close door only with a link

Product name

Nuki 2.0


Open and close only with a link


It is often necessary to give someone a one-time access to the house. An example would be a craftsman. It would be nice if you could simply send him a link with which he could open the door without having to download and install the Nuki application.


Better than installing a Application



Thanks for your input. I can see the idea behind it.

Just two notes from our side:

  • You would need to send this out well in advance and then got the problem with needing to restrict it to a time or you will have no control over when it is used.
  • “Real” one time usage system are a bit tricky, as if anything fails you will have no second chance and will still have no access.

Thats the reasons why we prefer working with the just open from remote whe somebody calls you standing in front of your door or with time slots which can be set by the minute. Everything else still is possible but would need quite a lot of thought to not raise a lot of security issues.

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