Only unlock on return through same door

Product name

Smart Lock


Auto unlock only when I left through the door


The Smart Lock should recognize when i leave the house through the door with the smart lock. When i leave through the door i will also get back through that door. When i leave my house through a different door i am not likely to enter the house through a different door. (See reason)


I have a Smart lock on my frontdoor which works perfectly fine. However, my garage door is only a few meters away from the front door. When i go by bike i leave through the garage door and when i return I’m entering the house through the garage door. I love the auto unlock feature, but every time i leave by bike i find out later that the front door is open and have to close it again (just a little push).
It would be great if the auto unlock feature only unlocks when i left the house through the front door.


An option in the auto unlock menu seems perfect to me (e.g only unlock on return). In combination with the door sensor checking if the phone is within the proximity of 2 meter from the smart lock should be able to register met leaving the house through that door.

Unfortunately this is not doable with the currently available APIs from Android & iOS.

One feature that could solve your problem is the “consider nearby devices” functionality, but it requires a Nuki actuator on both doors (which btw. does not have to be mounted. Just placing an Opener or unmounted Smart Lock next to the secondary entrance also does the trick).

actually this feature can be implemented through HomeKit , basically the lock has to be aware if you are home or not , HomeKit does this anyways so why not use that backbone in conjunction with your door sensor , multiple sensors talking to each other via bridge or HomeKit