One-time password (OTP) for Opener

Product name

NUKI Opener


One-time password with time window for Opener.


Possibility to create and revoke one-time passwords for the Opener.


Let in delivery services like Amazon, DHL or Lieferando.


  • How would you like to use this feature?
    • list of unused, used, revoked and expired OTPs
    • creation of OTP with or without expiration
  • List all usecases you can think of!
    • handover OTP to Amazon to let in the delivery service

Does it requires the usage of a keypad with a keycode or it is a ring to open during a period of time?

Only a ring-to-open or a open-by-click.
It’s especially for the delivery use-case in an apartment building.

I also thought about OTP. But what is the benefit? From a security point of view it does not make a difference, from a access log view, also no difference as it can be seen if it was used at all…

I don’t get your last point. Could you please carry out a little bit further?
My idea is to create a otp and hand it over to someone. He/she will be able to open a simple webpage and click open once.

why does it have to be OTP? why can’t you just create a normal passcode e. g. for delivery? for me, there is no difference or benefit, in terms of security for example

This could be an approach for people without a keypad.
Also sending an invitation to the person would not sufficient, cuz an account is required.