One "Nuki account" for more than one use


I’ve installed a Nuki my coworking and I’ve to manage a lot of users (more than 200 :’()

Is it possible to create a user like “Desk 1” that is shared by 3 or 4 users ? (to minimize to number of users)

If not is there other alternatives for me ?

Thank you !


No, you can not share one invite with several users.
But there are several ways you can circumvent that.

A few ideas:

  1. Add a Nuki Keypad and create keypad codes for user groups. i.e. you give the same code to several people.
  2. Create sub accounts with limited rights (only open and close) on Nuki Web for each user group and hand out the credentials to the users. They will have to use the mobile frontend of Nuki Web to unlock the door.
  3. Build a web interface (ideally by using an already existing Single Sign On) on your own web server and unlock through your server by using the Nuki Web API. You will have to manage access rights on your own server in this case.

Thank you for your anwser !

I write a own system for a webserver, where I can create groups. There is also a calendar where I can assign the authorized groups every day.
At midnight, all users of the group get access.
This is the only way to see who really opened/closed the door. And you can give 100th of users access rights with just a few clicks.

You can easily manage 200 or more users with it. I can also provide the code if you are interested. But you need a Apache Webserver.

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