One Bridge, several openers, max range?

I am planning on installing 12 Nuki openers to activate their building doors, they are all in the same gated community. Is it possible to used just one bridge for all of them? What is the maximum range of the bridge? I need to gain early morning access to all the buildings every day to deliver our food product. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

A bridge can handle 4 devices. Problem is the BLE range, which is basically restricted to “the same room”. We advice to not connect more than 2 devices because typically you end up with one device beeing somewhat out of range, which can have a negative influence on all other devices as well.

Other options are:

  1. Opener standalone: If there is no bridge you can still use the Opener if the phone is in BLE range of the Opener when unlocking the door. You can not open from remote or administer the system from remote though. But you can add a Keypad or several Fobs. For adding the Fobs or changing Keypad Codes you need to be nearby the Opener.
  2. Nuki Box: Has a mobile connectivity and is always on. You can operate and administer it from remote. The box offers different administration levels and could also be used e.g. by residents living in the building or other delivery services as well. More info: Nuki Box: The smart door opener is now available to everyone! - Nuki