Offline time sync for Nuki Bridge

Product name

Nuki Bridge


Time syncronisation without needing an internet connection to make hashed tokens work all the time.


I’d like to have a solution for syncing the time of the bridge without the need of an internet connection.
This could be implemented by supporting an freely configurable NTP-Server that could be hosted in the LAN.


When using the HTTP API with hashed tokens the clocks of the client and the bridge must be synchronous, otherwise the hashed token will be invalid. If the bridge doesn’t have an internet connection it’s not possible to sync its time and thereby the time difference becomes too big after a while and you can’t use the hashed tokens.


I would like to sync the time of the bridge with a time server (NTP) that is available in the local network. So I would be able to use the HTTP API with hashed tokens on bridges that don’t have a (permanent) internet connection.