Odd behavior over MQTT at night

So I’ve the Nuki 3.0 for over a month now.
It’s integrated into my homeassistant since day 1 over MQTT.

I run MQTT server locally WITHOUT internet connection and the topic is wired to our alarm system, so the lock turn state based on the alarm status and it been working very well till last night.

So last night we woke up pretty shaken when we heard at 1:49am the lock turns,
I jump off bed and scanned the house finding nothing.

Checking the locks log I saw it was invoked from MQTT message…
I set it back to lock and went back to bed till 3:36am when the lock unlocked it self again by MQTT message.

Except for the alarm state there is no other direct automation to control MQTT topic for the Nuki and it’s very bizzarre, I was thinking on external influence or something but since my MQTT server is not connected directly to the internet it requires much harder work to influence it and on top of that, I’m not a target of anyone :slight_smile:

I didn’t went to look into MQTT logs yet, they are gigantic and will take me a while but was wondering if other than logs, does anyone have ideas what to search for? we are going to sleep tonight with Nuki’s batteries out of the unit for extra safety till I figure out what is going one.

Maybe I am asking the obvious, but how about the last trigger time of the automation, have you checked that? Also have you checked if home assistant itself restarted around that time?