nukiId and smartlockId

when i receive a callback from the bridge i have the nukiId identifier for each device, but if then i want to use the web api i need the smartlockId to query the API, but this id is not the same as the nukiId, is thare any way to know the smartlockId from the nuklId ?

The Web APIs smartlockID contains the device type as prefix, see

thanx !


some users of our HA integration were reporting issues with the latest 3.0 lock. Debugging the issue we found out that smartlockId and nukiId were different, only with 3.0, and we’re talking about the lock, not the opener.

I checked the docs about the HEX 2 DEC conversion, but I have one question: is the nukiId always a hex value? because I only saw decimal values in the past. I thought maybe you introduced hex values for nukiId in 3.0. Can you confirm?

That would explain the issue we’re facing…in the docs I don’t see the type of nukiId (or other entities).

One last thing: the doc says only the opener needs the prefix, but from the table, every device needs to be prefixed before the conversion. Should the doc be corrected?


Understood how it’s working…(weird stuff):

Lock 3.0 not Pro
smartlockId: 17988169541
nukiId: 808300357

17988169541 (dec) = 4302DAF45 (hex)

strip the device type of the SmartLock 3 (it’s 4) and you have 302DAF45 (hex)

302DAF45 (hex) = 808300357 (dec)

smartlockId: 9298534866
nukiId: 708600274

9298534866 (dec) = 22A3C61D2 (hex)

strip the device type of the Opener (it’s 2) and you have 2A3C61D2 (hex)

2A3C61D2 (hex) = 708600274 (dec)

This should be documented a little better…4 of us were getting crazy. :slight_smile:

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