Nuki works just fine, but cannot open using the key

Hello. As the title says. Nuki works just fine, but I cannot open from outside using the key… it looks like the key does not fully fit… any ideas? I am considering returning it. It is a v1.0 by the way. Thanks.

That’s not the problem of your nuki, but the problem of your lock. You need to have what we call in the Netherlands (cylinder slot met paniek/hotel function.) lock with panic/hotel function. I don’t know how it’s called in other country’s

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Right, i can imagine it is some sort of compatibility problem. OK, so I will be returning it then. Thank you.

It is easy to get a new lock and replace it if you have the keycode on the key or card. But it is expensive. :wink:

Thanks @pip for helping out!

@kwanbis Also take a look at

which should cover all details and things to consider.

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