Nuki with Huawei Harmony OS

Hello. I own a Huawei Watch GT3 Pro with Harmony OS. I bought them because Nuki can be downloaded on a Huawei watch with Harmony OS. Unfortunately, I see a lot of apps, but not Nuki. Where is the problem?

There are 2 different Huawei wearable categories:

  1. Wearables (Huawei Watch 3 / Watch 3 Pro)
  2. Lite wearables (Huawei GT2 Pro / GT3 / GT3 Pro)

Lite wearables are sport-focused and therefore there are some gaps between both devices. Some APIs are not shared (eg: the Bluetooth module).
Therefore our wearable application not supports lite/sport wearables like the GT3 Pro.

@Elisabeth_B I definitely don’t think the GT 3 Pro is a Lite version of Huawei’s watch. Why can’t there be an Nuki app that would control the Nuki lock via the phone without a direct Bluetooth connection to the lock?