Nuki Widget iOS14

Today I found out that Nuki released a new iOS App version that supports Widgets. Was so excited.
Bummer, I have several locks configured in my app. Unfortunately, I can’t change which lock shows up in the widget. And as you can guess, the right doesn’t show up. Even tried to change order of the locks on favorites and deactivated all other locks in favorites. Notting changed…
Any hints?..

to configure the widget you have to add the widget first and then you can edit it via long press.

You can also set up the widget for only one of your devices, then you have to select the first type of the widget:

or for multiple devices - then you have to choose the last one:

You just can select a specific Nuki in the wide Widget WITH administration.
In the one without, only the first in the list will be added which can’t be changed.

For both widget types a specific device can be selected.
Therefore you have to add and edit the widget, afterwards you can select a lock action for a specific device.

Lock Actions:

Selection for specific devices:

If this does not work, please update to the latest beta (2.7.2) and try again.

Hi Elisabeth,

2.7.2 solved the probs … in the prior version I was only able to change the sequence but when I tapped one of the entries no selection possibilities opened …