Nuki Web time setting issue when living in a different time zone

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Nuki Web


I manage my airbnb rental remotely from another country.
When I want to change the access time for a code or bluetooth access, the time are shown according to my time zone which makes no sense. It should use the time zone of where the flat is. Otherwise when guests ask for early check-in, I have to convert their requested to my time which is confusing and can result in errors and unhappy guests.
It should take as a reference the time zone set in the app, and provide in Nuki web a way to access the time zone of the lock and modify it.
Thanks for fixing that.


This is a bug

Hi @raphaelharmel!

We discussed this a lot internally and the reason we did not go for the “always show times in local time of the Smart Lock” approach (like we do in the Apps) is that where are users with Smart Locks in different time zones in one Nuki Web account and the common activity log wouldn’t be usable otherwise.
We know that this has big downsides for users like you and I think we could improve that; so more input/ideas on this topic are very welcome, but we haven’t found an easy solution fitting all usecases yet.

You can already do this at Manage Smart Lock

@MatthiasK that make sense
Maybe a solution would be to provide a on/off setting to display the time using either the local time of the nuki lock or the local time of the device you are accessing Nuki Web with.
This option could be available for all nuki locks, or if it makes sense, applied to specific ones.
That could cover both options.
Does that make sense to you?