Nuki Web status not updating

Hello, for a very long time I have noticed that updates to the Nuki Web interface (and status updates to IFTTT) take a very long time or don’t happen at all when an action is performed in the app.

For example: In the app, I choose the “open” action for my Nuki (Opener or lock) or when I press the physical button, the opener chimes, and the unlock action is performed, BUT in the web none of this is shown in the activity log, and IFTTT does not get the update UNTIL I click on the “Update now” link next to the timestamp under the device name. As seen in the image below. When I click “Update now” then IFTTT performs the action and I see the latest activity from the app, as well as get any notifications. However, it takes up to 60 seconds for this to update.


It’s as if any action in the app goes to the device, but then the status is not reported to the web.

Any ideas? I would like to perform some IFTTT actions with my smart home hub, but right now it just doesn’t work.

Same situation

To force “Update now” you can use the API call:

 'POST' \
  '{smartlockId}/sync' \

Even today, if you do not force the update, the status is not correctly loaded after some events or if mixed methods are used to activate the device.