Nuki Web Release notes (major releases)

This is an overview of the latest Nuki Web releases (main features and updates only) sorted by date.


  • Added webhook support for the Web API (public documentation to follow in the next days)
  • Added Guesty as additional Short Rental integration partner
  • The activity log can be exported as CSV from Nuki Web


  • Relaunch of Nuki Web
  • Expanded the Airbnb integration to a Short Rental integration with additional partners


  • IFTTT support for the Nuki Opener


  • Support for the night mode in Nuki Web
  • User management added for mobile Nuki Web
  • Airbnb settings for the Opener


  • Alexa and Google Assistant support for the Nuki Opener
  • Opener support for the Airbnb integration


  • New mobile version for Nuki Web
  • Support for the Nuki Opener
  • Battery warnings via email


  • Keypad support for the Airbnb integration
  • New triggers and actions for IFTTT


  • Keypad support
  • Airbnb updates

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