Nuki Web - Problem creating / deleting users


I use Nuki with the Airbnb integration and lately it’s been malfunctioning the following way:

1: Several 'same’users are created ultiple times
2: The users seem to have authorizations on multiple locks (duplicated entries from my lock)
3: When I try to remove this users I get an error and the user is not deleted
4: I keep getting emails from Nuki reporting an error creating the user

Could you please help? Not sure if the problem is from the user creation (what I see in my phone is completely different than in web) or from the airbnb integration.

Could you please help?



I am not sure what you mean with

Could you send me a screenshot and the effected Smart Locks ID via PM?

I did send more information thourgh PM

I have the same problems …

I can not create or erase users or change their settings. also the logs on the app sometimes show only until a date then nothing for a few days and then show again with all previous missing data.

very annoying mostly when you need to add new key and you can not for days …

what is wrong please ? Nuki support does not exit.