Nuki Web - Nuki Web User?

I have a question regarding what one expects to see in the Users section within Nuki Web…
When a device is setup on the App to connect via the Bridge, and also setup to connect via Nuki Web using a registered Nuki Web Account.

I notice that the Users listed in the App’s lock permissions for the smart lock always shows “Nuki Web” user.

However, when once logs onto the Nuki Web interface, and views the Users section. I notice that “Nuki Web” user is not listed?
Hence my question is, should one expect to see “Nuki Web” user listed in this case?

I’ve never understood why i’m able to see “Nuki Web” user in the App under the users but within Nuki Web interface?
Curious as to why this inconsistency?


It is also shown under the Users section in Nuki Web for the sake of consistency.
Could it be possible that it was deleted in Nuki Web but not synced correctly?
Can you check if this is the case for all your devices?