Nuki web configuration difference


In the Nuki app I’ve configured my lock that at the second press on the button it should do a lock and go. When I open the configuration of the lock in Nuki web, it shows the second press is configured as ‘lock’.

Also on Nuki web you are able to configure a 3rd press on the button, but in the app you can only configure 2 presses.

Hi Frank,

Could you check it please in Nuki Web again, I think you are mistaking the Smart Lock button settings with the Fob settings. As you can configure for the Fob what should happen for 3 presses.



oeps, you’re right. In the center above it, there’s a label called Nuki Fob… I didn’t expect it to see it there, since I clicked on ‘manage device’ when on the smartlock screen. Also, I don’t have a Nuki Fob, so why is it listed there then, even with selected settings for 1st and 2nd press?