Nuki Web API Updates: Version v.1.5.0

Important information for all short rental integrators using the Nuki Advanced API:

As of June 21st, 2023, we’ve updated our API endpoints to enforce the usage of the Nuki Web API (also referred to as Short Rental API) only with an active subscription for Nuki Smart Hosting. The deprecation date for API version v.1.4.0 is August 31st, 2023.

Starting on September 1st, 2023, the endpoints listed in this new API version (v.1.5.0) will return an error message if the Smart Lock or Smart Door doesn’t have an active Smart Hosting subscription.

This may result in application breakage and hence, please make sure to implement changes to your application before August 31st, 2023, to continue providing a superior customer experience and prevent potential risk to your business.

The upcoming API changes apply to endpoints under the below paths. Please refer to this document to see the updated endpoints and examples of the response payloads.

Smartlock Manage Nuki devices and device settings GET, PUT, POST, DELETE
SmartlockAuth Create, edit and delete authorizations on Nuki devices GET, PUT, POST, DELETE
SmartlockLog Retrieve activity log files from Nuki devices GET
AdvancedApi Manage the Nuki devices through the Advanced API GET, PUT, POST, DELETE

If you have any questions related to the technical implementation, please contact Thanks!

How to test it out:
You can create another Nuki Web account and apply for an advanced API under the “SHORT_RENTAL” category clearly specifying in the description that it is for testing purposes. We will approve this request so that you can test your application changes until the end of August, before going live. Please write to for any questions.