Nuki web activity hangs (also affecting IFTTT)

I have Nuki opener and have an odd problem. Sometimes the activity log doesn’t update (and when it doesn’t update, IFTTT doesn’t trigger). You can sometimes force it to update but sometimes it hangs and nothing happens. It always happens after this scenario where I pass by my apartment after work on the way to the gym, but I don’t enter my apartment (it might happen in other cases). So technically

  1. exit the geofence
  2. Enter geofence (auto unlock gets triggered)
  3. exit geofence (without opening the door)
  4. Time passes (30min or more)
  5. Enter geofence (Auto Unlock gets triggered)
  6. Open door via Auto Unlock

Opening the door still works with Auto Unlock but IFTTT doesn’t get triggered and and can’t seem to update nuki web untill the Auto Unlock timer have expired.