Nuki V3.0 Pro and home Assistant intégration

Hello, before buying the Nuki V3.0 Pro I wonder if I need the bridge to connect with Home Assistant domotic solution ?
Because Wifi seems embedded, I guess not. Just to be sure.

Thank’s in advance

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Yes, bridge is needed for the Home Assistant native integration because there is no local API with the 3.0 pro, wifi is only for remote access.
But I am not sure the native integration works well.

It looks like this custom integration should work.
It supports both bridge and Nuki web API.

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Thank you for your valuable reply. If I understand, with the custom integration, I will be able to interact with the SL3.0Pro through the Cloud (without bridge).

If I need more local integration, I should have the bridge. I’ve seen a feature request to add a local API for SL3.0 Pro which will replace the additional bridge if I understand correctly.

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It seems to be written in the FAQ of the commercial site:

You usually don’t need a Nuki Bridge for the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. The Wi-Fi function is already built into our Pro products. If you still want to integrate your Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro into special Smart Home solutions, you can of course connect it to the Nuki Bridge.


Hello Jean-Marc,

Just a word of caution, it is currently impossible to administer any Nuki locally, Nuki have locked that functionality to the cloud ONLY. So you can’t do anything with Home Assistant other than use actions (lock, open etc, and monitor). All the things you would actually want to automate locally are not supported (set pincode, allow users, add guests, set schedules etc etc etc).
After 4 years, I’m still waiting for that functionality.

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ok. Exactly, i can command the Nuki with the custom integration without problem and and can see the state of the lock. The state is updated about 30 sec after state change (because of polling). This is not very conformtable and real time but can be sufficient for simple use

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after the latest HA update (Core 2023.8.0) I see these warning …
It specifically mentions "Pls inform the maintainer of the software application that supllies the affected entities to fix this issue"
Is that something that NUKI should fix? Or is it something that I can fix myself?

I have the same issue with Nuki after HA update and also interested how the problem can be solved

The short version: The warnings can be ignored and everything will continue to work as it did before.

The long version is in this thread: Breaking changes for MQTT in Home Assistant 2023.8