Nuki v2 does not respond to 2 button clicks

I already had nuki v1 both button click functions with:
1x “intelligent”
2x “lock’n go”

I wanted to do the the same with v2, but it does not respond to two button clicks.
No matter what is configured in the app.
It only responds to the feature click 1x, but never click 2x.

Is it a known problem or is there a defect?

Nuki v2 firmware: 2.3.5
Latest Android App

Let me know, If you need more Informations.

Please update your firmware to the lastest beta 2.3.7.
Double click should work better with it.

Thanks for the answer. After Update to 2.3.7 the 2 klick action works. :slight_smile:

But why the Update was not announced by the Handy App?
Today in the morning, there was no Information about the New Firmware.

Because the app does not check everyday with the server. Usually takes ~2 days until you see the update.