Nuki: user locked out

Hi there; so now it happened twice in a week:
Our employees were locked out.

We have all unneccessary functions deactivated. Our employees should only lock/unlock via Bluetooth from their phones. No Auto-unlock etc…

They are in front of the door, App says “no access” (orig: “Kein Zugriff, Verbindung nur über Bluetooth möglich. Du hast keine Berechtigung, um aus der Ferne auf dieses Smart Lock zuzugreifen. Wende dich an den Smart Lock Administrator oder versuche trotzdem, eine Verbindung herzustellen”)

I am their administrator, I did not change any permissions or anything else.

After exchanging both our Smart Locks, a full account reset and I don’t know how many support requests now this. Nuki frustration level: 100.