Nuki User account

Hello Everybody.

i just bouth my first Nuki Smart Loker 3.0 Pro and everything gone quiet well with the hardware installation. I use the Android App on my Smartphone but anywhere i’h benne asked to create a Nuki account.
Then at the end off installation, i tried to associeted Google Home with Nuki App but it asked me a Nuki user account.
Where can I create a Nuki account and use Google Home syncronisation and Nuki Web for example ??


Hi Fiim,

Once you’ve set up your Nuki Smart Lock with the Nuki App, you can select the app, select “Features and Configuration”, scroll down and go to “Manage Nuki Web”. Here you can register for a Nuki Web account, using either your email address or Gmail. Go through the process until you have created a Nuki Web account and your Smart Lock is linked to this Nuki Web account.

For more instructions, see here:

Now open your Google Home app and link the Nuki Smart Home skill.

For more instructions, see here:

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