Nuki stopped working / won’t calibrate / stuck!

Massive issue today… guests arrived at my Airbnb and checked in, but on going to leave found the door wouldn’t lock.

I popped over myself and agree with them - it as whirring and seeming like it was locking but the lock wasn’t engaged.

From outside (they were in) I attempted calibration- and to my horror, it whirred for a bit, complained that calibration needed to be in Bluetooth range (even though my phone was right next to the handle!) and then promptly stuck, “locked”. Couldn’t recalibrate (same issue), unlock from the keypad, or open from inside!

I had to leave my guests locked in for 15 mins while I ran to get the manual key and fortunately was able to unlock it.

I factory reset and retired calibration but the same issues with Bluetooth range happened again, though at least this time it wasn’t stuck locked.

Some background - in the last week, I did have an issue unlocking myself. The activity log reported “weak battery”, though the batteries were apparently OK and I hadn’t had any low battery alarms. So I immediately replaced them with 4 brand new Duracell alkaline batteries from a fresh pack.

If it makes any sense the motor did sound to be whirring faster with the new batteries which I assumed was because it was slowing a little with the older ones… but in hindsight maybe there has been an issue this week which failed completely today.

Anyone got any ideas how to resolve? I was going to try a fresh set of Lithium batteries or even grab a Nuki battery pack to try - but is this a power issue or do ii possibly have a broken lock?

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.

I did raise a ticket with Nuki support already but since this is something I need to fix quickly I have also ordered a replacement lock for the time being.

I went to take a look today and to me it looks like a physical / mechanical problem.

The think the part of the cylinder that seats in the head is snapped off!

How could this have happened??

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after buying a power pack 2 monthes ago, installing and (manually) selecting it, weak battery effects are gone for me. The motor seems to get more power.

But bluetooth problems could have many reasons (HF interferences, blockages, bugs in implementations etc…). Would try another phone to connect (if possible) and watch the connection status while testingly moving around.

Any administrative task on Nuki on setup / calibration level could lead to a locked door - i wouldn’t do it without a fallback key or way…ß)