Nuki Software Bridge Service

Product name

Nuki Software Bridge, Nuki Opener


A Nuki Software Bridge Service running on Linux and macOS.


There is currently a Nuki Software Bridge available for Android, that allows users to utilise an Android phone to function as a Bridge, but I would like to see Nuki to offer a computer program (service) that runs on Linux and macOS that eliminates the need for a physical Bridge for the Nuki Opener.


Most home automation enthusiasts already have a Raspberry Pi, Mac Mini or another computer running as their home automation server, which are more capable than the Nuki Bridge. Most modern computers have built-in Bluetooth. Eliminating the need for a physical bridge would be make the Nuki Opener more desirable and more cost effective.


For most users, the physical Bridge would still be the best option, but for home automation enthusiasts the software bridge would be a better alternative. It could be a simple command-line utility without a graphical user interface. The usage could something along the lines:

sudo systemctl start nukibridge
sudo systemctl restart nukibridge
sudo systemctl stop nukibridge

I would also love to see a native Linux package!

In the meanwhile, Im running a bridge on my 2 Raspberry Pi’s (2 locks) very succesfully for the last 6 months. I forked the nukiPyBridge GitHub repository, fixed some compilation errors, added a REST interface and upgraded to Python 3.7:

Now I can just call http://local-ip:3000/RearDoor/Unlock from my Home Automation System whenever I’m close (500 metres) to my home, unlock happens in aprox 15 seconds.

I also added some setup scripts to the repo, running should be sufficient for running the complete stack including a supervised service.

Looks promising! Any plans to implement interaction with official servers?