Nuki SmartUnlock opening both doors without my interaction

Hello guys,

I live in a mansion and I have got a trouble with the Auto-Unlock feature.
When I walk in the garden of the house and I step again into the house, both garaje and main entrance door (nuki and opener) are opened alone, without my interaction.

I think that this is caused by geofence, because the software understands that I have exited from the geofence and entered again, but this is not true.

I also changed the parameter of geofence from 100m to 1.000m and I still have got the trouble.

My house is it 17x 35 meters.

Any idea about the solution?

I’ve got the same issue - two doors to the house one on the basement level and the other on the main level. I’ve had to only enable auto unlock for one door and use the keypad for the other. I also had to set the auto unlock to wifi mode so the door didn’t open too far from the house. I wish there was a better way.