Nuki smartlock linked to a smartwatchwith wear os and other issues

Hello, I have a few questions about nuki smartlock, I installed nuki app in order to use it on my watch and i also paired my ticwatch pro smartwatch with nuki smartlock, but I can’t get it to work independently, it only unlocks or lock if bluetooth is activated in the phone, even though my watch has bluetooth and is connected to nuki. Is it possible to work with nuki independently with a smart watch by bluetooth? (I have no wifi bridge)

I have another problem, in this case is with the beta function “manage door sensor”, it always sends me “error 506” after performing the calibration and it stop here, any idea of ​​the problem?

Finally, is it possible to adjust the number of key turns to lock the door? In your application I see that with 1x (360) it gives the minimum, one turn and with 2x (720) it gives the maximum, the four turns of the lock, How can I program only 2 or 3 turns?


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same problema. when i try the calibration i get the 506 error message. i’ve tried to remove nuki from the blutoooth paired devices and paired again but i keep on getting erro 506 due maroni!!!