Nuki smart lock pro Wi-Fi connection

Hi all. Recently got a Nuki Smart Lock Pro. I set it up and it works fine. However, I cannot set up the Built-In Wi-Fi. It sees my home Wi-Fi but, it freezes and it does not connect. Dudu to that I cannot operate my lock remotely when I am not at home. I did reset and reconnected but, still same issue. Any recommendations?

Wifi on the smart lock pro is completly buggy. They try to stabilize it since months.
Retry and retry. Sometimes it works.
Currently one of my 2 locks isn’t able to stay connected more then 8 minutes each hours.

I have the same problem, it loses the Wi-Fi connection continuously, I recover it following the technicians’ instructions but after a few hours it loses the connection again so I can only use the lock via Bluetooth when I am nearby. I’ve tried everything from setting the battery to “medium” and “fast” (which only drains the battery quickly) to creating a guest network just for Nuki but the same thing happens. Say my router is 3 m away. and I have connected Tuya devices that work correctly. How can we report this problem so that Nuki takes it seriously?