Nuki smart lock not staying connected to wifi

Bought Nuki smart lock and it won’t stay connected to wifi - Nuki have no solution
Tried all the troubleshooting
It connects to wifi no problem but won’t stay connected
Impossible to use the lock outside of the house as it’s not connected - pretty pointless that I have to use my phone to unlock I may as well get my keys out

  • Auto Unlock should unlock the door
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Autounlock works not over wifi, it works over bluetooth. The lock connects only to wifi, when needed, not all the time.

Your statement is not correct. It should be connected to wifi all the time, and there are problems with 4.1.8 firmware.

It has to be connected to wifi so we can open from the app etc.

Thats not correct, nuki lock 1 and 2 have no wifi only Bluetooth, - so no clue what you are talking about!?

But the pro Version has got wifi. And the other may use bridge to connect through wifi.

Your statement about nuki connecting to wifi only „when needed“ is not correct.

It is, because you can use the nuki lock 1 and 2 without bridge, and control it over app without bridge, so no wifi needed. Wifi (bridge) is just needed for control the locks from outside bluetooth range and things like Geofence and so on and is optional and not a must, but the autounlock when you go near the lock was and is functioning over bluetooth. The wifi (bridge) is only used when you use a function what runs over it.

You still cannot say you were wrong.

The starter of the thread clearly wrote „wifi not staying connected“.

So dont write about BT now.

You wrote that the connection over wifi is intended to work „when needed“ is incorrext.

If someone wants to use it via wifi -app or smart home etc, it abould work. If there is ni connection (not staying connected“) there is a bug.

And nuki also admitted this and thefore we are testing beta 4.2.4.

Because I wasn’t, - you should read more carefully, my first post was referring to this statement of the op “Auto unlock should unlock the door” where I answered Autounlock is working over bluetooth and not wifi, - the wifi connection is only established when needed for online functions, what is still right.