Nuki Smart Lock 4th GEN PRO - Loxone via API

I heard that the new NUKI 4.0 PRO can HTTP API and can be integrated into Loxone already without NUKI Bridge. Is it true? Does anyone have it integrated? Thanks

Hello @Koty007 ,

the Smart Lock Pro (4th Generation) does not include the HTTP API.
If required please use the Nuki Bridge.

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Thank you, even if it doesn’t seem reasonable to me. And can it be controlled via the WEB API?

This is really good to know, I was in the middle of planning the integration of a Nuki Pro at a remote place, with the assumption that the Pro wifi jnterface is equivalent to the Bridge…

Yes, of course.
Apart from the Web API - you might want to check at the MQTT API included in the 3 Pro & 4th Gen Pro instead:


I have setup the Nuki 4Pro via MQTT (Raspberry PI) to send commands by Loxone and to get the status of the Nuki.

Hope this information ist helpful.


We are forced to use a web based (external) access to get api access?
May we be told what the reason is for not providing an easy local api for the pro4?

Loxone presents NUKI as easy to integrate. It would not have occurred to me that the newer version 4.0 will not be able to be controlled via an API without a bridge. This is quite sad news for all those who have already purchased a new lock version :frowning:

Bridge is not required for Nuki Smartlock Pro 4.0 integration with Loxone.
Thanks to the built-in WiFi, it is enough to activate the Nuki web, generate a token and control the lock via the REST API.
Here is a tutorial for 3.0 that I also used for 4.0

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