Nuki smart lock 4 pro with openhab (local)

I like to use smart home without cloud conncetions. I used version 2 for some months some years ago with the bridge and from time to time it stopped working as the connection was not really stable. Now I tried version 4 “pro”. still some bugs after years of development:

  • wifi: the app offers wpa3 - but this does not seem to work in reality. connections are successful only with “mixed” mode
  • mqtt: it is not possible to change the basic topic (nuki) or even the port - although the product is labeled “pro”
  • mqtt: no encryption (tls certificates) is possible
  • mqtt: the states for /state and /lockAction are labeled different?!?
    at least the connection is stable over several days…

This are not bugs but feature requests. Some of them already are listed in the feature requests section, some not. If you want to see them implemented, please feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it.