Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 LED on permanently

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Just recently, I noticed that the upper (short) LED segment of my Smart Lock 2.0 I permanently lit. According to this is supposed to signal the “Wartungsmodus”. But I can’t find any information how to reset this.

Any hints are welcome.
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Is there a firmware update pending for the Smart Lock or is it up to date?
Does it disappear when you take out the batteries and reinsert them?

The lock is up-to-date (it shows Version 2.15.3). Changing the batteries did not directly change anything, but sometimes the LED goes off by itself again.

I am just very confused, because it seems to indicate something, but I can’t find any information in the app.

Support came back to me with some instructions, but this didn’t change anything

  1. Starte bitte dein Smart Lock auf folgende Art erneut:
    ● Entnimm im ersten Schritt das Batteriefach inklusive der Batterien aus dem Smart Lock und lege es für mindestens 15 Minuten beiseite.
    ● Bringe das Smart Lock nun in den Wartungsmodus . Hierzu halte den Button am Smart Lock fest und mittig gedrückt. Lege nun, während du den Button gedrückt hältst, das Batteriefach wieder ein.
    ● Halte den Button weiterhin ohne Unterbrechung fest gedrückt, bis das obere LED Segment zu leuchten beginnt.
    ● Nun kann das Batteriefach noch einmal entfernt und gleich wieder eingelegt werden, um das Smart Lock neu zu starten.
  1. Wechsle die Batterien aus, damit wir dies ausschliessen können.

The upper LED is on most of the time, sometimes it is off, and sometimes it is blinking (e.g. when I turn the knob manually). Still, all the basic functions seem to be fine, it is just a bit annoying that thr LED seems to indicate something, but I don’t know what it is…