Nuki smart and ifttt

since the last update the door cannot be opened from ifttt, with no scene, I give an example, it is done but the door does not open

It’s okay with mistakes, no ’

I am not sure if I understood you correctly.

What have you updated?
And the action is not done anymore now and you also don’t see an entry in the activity log?

Also could you send me your Applet ID (personalized) via PM, so I can check in the IFTTT logs (only 48 hours backwards possible, so be sure to try again before sending).

ok I to send two id of applet what not work whit nuki

I sent you the two id applets that don’t work for me and used to work on ifttt.
it is not a problem of ifttt because with sonooff the same applet of pressing a button works for another action that has nothing to do with nuki

As you can see in the photos I sent you, nuki web shows me offline, if I create an email account with all new permissions, the same thing happens

can you help me please

I already replied you.

What is to note:
It is a problem with your Nuki Web account and not a general issue with our IFTTT integration!

Google home, does not work, I give the command to open the door, I am reminded that it is opening but nothing happens

If your Nuki Web account has an error no integration via Nuki Web (IFTTT, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Airbnb, Push notifications etc.) will work.

The solution you give me is to restart everything from the beginning
thanks but for me it is not a solution, my nuki fob is not within my reach, I will look for other options

After uninstalling the application and linking again as you indicated, I just got home and the only thing that worked before, which was to open the door when entering geofence and find the smart nuki, now finds it but does not Nothing, we go from bad to worse.
are you really not able to make everything work?