Nuki Slack Bot to notify of rings and allow door opening

I have the following setup for our office:

Nuki Opener (downstairs)
Nuki Bridge
Nuki Smart Lock (upstairs)
Nuki Keypad

I would like to check whether building the following is feasible:

  • A service running on a local or cloud server
  • Which receives notifications from the Opener via the Bridge when the downstairs bell is rung
  • Then sends this notification to a Slack or Telegram channel
  • And can trigger “open the door” based on a user reaction in Slack/Telegram

From my reading of the docs, I think it should be doable with the normal or advanced webhooks and the bridge API, however I haven’t seen anybody in the developer forums mention anything like that. Since I find the idea rather obvious, I wonder if that’s because it’s just not feasible.

Has anyone tried something like this and can point me to more info on architecture, limitations, etc.?

PS: Potential complication might be that the Nuki Bridge is in a dedicated IoT Wifi, so it would not be able to reach our normal internal servers which are in the main LAN, but this can be solved with the correct forwarding config. Cloud server would be easier though :slight_smile:

There are several options to achieve this. The easiest one is to connect everything through IFTTT.

More complex ones would require to go through the bridge API or web API. But they all involve some sort of middleware that also talks and monitors Slack/Telegram.

Thanks Jürgen, yeah, I saw IFTTT but honestly I don’t want to use them after the way they changed their business model. Building the middleware myself will be easy enough, but I thought I’d better check to see if one of the developers here or one of the Nuki employees would say "Hold it there, there’s no good way to do this with the (non-integrator) APIs” :slight_smile:
So I think maybe I’ll prototype it with IFTTT after all and then build a full-blown version on our own server :slight_smile:

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