Nuki short term rental integrations: BookingSync and Smoobu in public Beta

We expanded our existing Airbnb integration to a more general “Short Rental Integration” which already works with BookingSync and Smoobu.

The public Beta for this is now available at for you to try it out.
Just use your existing Nuki Web credentials to log in or create a new Nuki Web account (Nuki Bridge needed) and connect to the prefered platform (where you already have an account).
(Note: For BookingSync you may need to contact us to authorize the “App” on their side for you to be able to connect.)

The scope of the integration matches that of our Airbnb integration, i.e.:

  • After the booking confirmation, the guest will automatically receive an e-mail with the digital access code
  • If the booking is changed or canceled, the assigned authorizations will change automatically
  • At the end of the booking, the digital access code expires automatically

more Details here:

We are looking forward to your feedback on the new integrations!

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