Nuki Ring Notification - STATE = RING

Hi, in May I opened a request to technical support because notifications, when someone rings the intercom, work very badly, sometimes they arrive after several minutes, other times they are not sent.
All the other notifications are fast enough, if the gate opens with autoopen the notification arrives, if I open it it arrives, but it does not notify me if someone rings (yet in the app, checking the events, everything is present and recorded in real time).
To date, I haven’t had any updates from the support, nothing, and personally this thing bothers me a lot.
Every other smart device, even Chinese, can send notifications in real time, Nuki … NO.
Since the system does not work I would like to solve it in another way, through an iobroker add-in (that is connected with Nuki api) I can connect to the api and manage them, but at the moment there is no field with “ringing” and true / false status.
The fields that I find under “state” are:
… state.batteryCritical
… state.doorState
… state.lastDataUpdate
… state.lastStateUpdate
… state.lockState
… state.mode
… state.nightMode
… state.ringState
… state.ringStateUpdate
… state.ringToOpenEnd
… state.ringToOpenTimer
… .state.trigger

None of these allow me to distinguish when someone is ringing the intercom in real time.
Is it possible to find a solution?

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Can’t go into the second part, but for the first part: Apparently Nuki Support and some users have reported that moving to 1.6.0 Beta for Opener solves the delay. Not for me though, but you might want to give it a try. Nuki support also recommended I “re-configure” the Opener for the changes to take effect.

I don’t know how to download the beta firmware, in any case I did everything what the technical support advised me to do, but I didn’t get any results. After months I contacted them complaining about the situation, they didn’t even answer me, total silence. With what I paid for this system I find it inconceivable that it works so badly, no existing smart device offers such an unreliable and slow level of notifications, not even the worst Chinese devices.
Can you tell me how to try the v1.6?

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According to Nuki’s documentation (Latest Nuki Beta Program topics - Nuki Developers), you must send a request to enter Opener beta program to this email with your Opener ID.

I’m experiencing similar problems. Mine is even worse, since the ring notification, when arrives, has no soud. This way is very difficult to know if someone has ringed your door when you are away.

Good luck.

Thanks…you are the first person that give me a response!

I will try white beta, anyway the service are the worst I ever meet, they stop to response to email, nothing, once you have buy…alone, no support at all.