Nuki pro MQTT Error

Smart Lock 3.0 Pro
MQTT ist in der Android-App: 2024.2.1 aktiviert und mit MQTT-Broker (in ioBroker) verbunden.

Wenn ich in der App in den MQTT-Einstellungen den Haken bei “Sperren erlauben” rausnehme, kommt folgender Fehler und anschließend ist sind alle MQTT Einstellungen gelöscht.

MQTT is activated in the Android app: 2024.2.1 and connected to MQTT-Broker (in ioBroker).

If I uncheck “Allow locking” in the MQTT settings in the app, the following error occurs and then all MQTT settings are deleted.

Please make sure to also provide the password when updating the MQTT settings.

Thank you, that works.

I still don’t like the fact that not entering an (optional) password immediately deletes the MQTT settings. Plus the meaningless error message. Why doesn’t the message “Please enter password” appear?

I assume you’re not using the latest beta firmware, do you?
Because together with the latest beta this should be handled correctly together with the app an reentering the password should not be necessary there.

Yes, that’s right, I don’t use beta.
Then I’ll be happy when the bug is fixed with the new update.